Getting back into it.

2015-03-11 23:48:18 by LawnReality

Now that I'm feeling loads better, I want to get back into makin' music. Feeling like maybe collab-ing. Anyone have a game, animation, or anything really that would be in need of a soundtrack or just music in general? 


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2015-03-12 02:53:32

hell yes good! i'll keep you in mind when i'm making something in need of heavy af drop~

LawnReality responds:

Sure thing! I'd be happy to help. :)


2015-04-05 11:31:54

What's up partner? I think our last game Dave's Dream is making a killing (or I should say quite a few killings!). I'm gonna work on a sequel so I'll keep you in the loop, and perhaps check out some of your other songs.
Check out this gameplay video:

LawnReality responds:

Alright, cool! :) Thanks.


2015-06-30 04:28:04

I'd be glad if we could do a collab man. Ambient, dance, down-tempo? (I use FL Studio)